the German regulator places Meta (Facebook) under increased surveillance

Meta has been declared a company of “paramount importance” in the markets, which opens the way for the authorities to sanction “possible infringements of competition” more quickly.

The German competition policeman placed the American Meta, Facebook’s parent company, on Wednesday under enhanced surveillance, under a 2021 law extending its powers against the heavyweights of the net.

The Federal Cartel Office said it had determined that Meta was a company “of paramount importance” on the markets, which opens the way for the authorities to sanction “possible infringements of competition“While two investigations targeting the group have already been opened by the German antitrust.

Meta, a digital giant operating platforms Facebook (including Messenger), Instagram and WhatsApp, said it will not appeal the decision, according to the Agency’s statement.

The digital ecosystem created by Meta with a very large number of users“makes this company a”central player in the field of social mediacommented the president of the organization, Andreas Mundt.

Antitrust found the “central positionof Meta on its markets, a classification which gives it the possibilityto fight against any violation of competition law much more effectivelythan before.

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The Anti-Cartel Office is enforcing a law that came into force last year, which strengthens its powers against the mainly digital companies dominating the market. This text gives it the power to regulate the activities of the groups concerned.

As such, he also judged at the end of 2021 that Alphabet / Google occupied a dominant position.

The competition policeman had already blocked the merger of user data from different Meta services in early 2019, a decision contested by the group and which has not yet been decided by the courts.

In addition, lawsuits were launched at the end of 2020 against Meta for the combination of 3D glasses from Meta Quest (formerly Oculus) to Facebook.

The Bonn authority has in the recent past initiated several competition infringement proceedings against other Internet giants, namely Google, Amazon and Apple.

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