The Meta-Baron, worthy heir to his lineage

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Méta-Baron, volume 3: Orne-8 le techno-cardinal, Alexandro Jodorowsky and Jerry Friessen (script), Niko Henrichon (drawing). Associated Humanoids Editions, 64 pages, 14.20 euros; luxury version: 128 pages, 39.95 euros. (Released October 19, 2016).

This time, the crisis is open in the universe. The epyphite, the interstellar fuel only present on the planet Marmola, cradle of the line of Meta-Barons, is well exhausted. The entire Techno Order is threatened. His last hope lies in the secret mission of Orne-8.

Accompanied by a simak, a man “transformed” into a formidable weapon of war, the young and ambitious techno-cardinal goes in search of the Meta-baron who could hold the key to the mystery. During this time, the latter, hopeless in a universe in agony, only aspires to become a man again endowed with all his senses – even if it means losing his invulnerability – and getting lost in orgies of sex. The Machiavellian strategy of Orne-8 could finally lead to bringing together the two aspirations, for an even greater chaos…

Rather “wise” so far – with regard to the first cycle initiated by Jodorowsky – the new saga of the Meta-Baron gets more carried away in this third episode. The meta-warrior abandons his responsibilities in the midst of an assembly of homeo-whores, an aspiring cardinal undergoes a castration which could mask an even more staggering evolution, tortuous family relations are revealed, etc. And the episode ends with a cliffhanger as explosive as it is distressing about the future of the most powerful warrior in the universe…

Always lively, this album even pays a little return to the origins of the saga and some cult scenes from Meta-Baron Caste. Niko Henrichon, talented Canadian designer revealed in particular by the magnificent Lords of Baghdad succeeds Valentin Sécher in drawing. It brings a more personal and expressive touch to the perhaps colder hyperrealism of the two previous albums. But while being completely in their wake and without the homogeneity of the series suffering in any way.

Modernized while retaining the spirit of the mythical saga, this new episode brings another beautiful stone to the building. And for lovers of precious stones, as for the two previous volumes, a deluxe version of this volume 3 is also published, combining the current color edition with a version commented by the authors of the pages inked in black and white as well as a graphic research notebook.

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