the question of the visa quota on the negotiating table

Emmanuel Macron is going to Algeria this Thursday for a diplomatic visit which will be very well attended. In particular on the issue of visas which are the source of tension between the two countries.

President Emmanuel Macron begins a three-day visit to Algeria this Thursday. Various subjects will be discussed to strengthen a damaged relationship between the two countries, on economic, security and diplomatic subjects. The issue of visas will be addressed in particular.

France has indeed reduced by 50% the number of visas issued to Algerians last year. A decision which concerned countries which refuse to take back their nationals in an irregular situation. Paris, however, notes the increase in the number of readmissions to Algeria in recent months and hopes that the last blockages on this point will soon be lifted.

Between January and July 2021, French justice ordered 7,731 people to leave French territory and only 22 returned home, i.e. barely more than 0.2%.

The disarray of families wishing to bring their family

But for some families, this blocking situation translates into the impossibility of seeing their loved ones. We caught up with Mounia, 25, who replays video of her 86-year-old grandmother during her last visit to Algeria a few years ago. But it’s been ten years since Fatma came to France to see her granddaughter. Unable to get a visa.

“We are quite frustrated with this situation because we would still like to see her. She is still our grandmother, we would like to spend more time with her.

The moments are thus only shared by telephone lately. Same problem for this other Algerian who lives in the Paris region. Two years that she has not seen her mother:

“We applied for a visa as we always have, and it hasn’t been granted. She got the same answer twice in a row. Then we appealed but they say they won’t come back not on the decision.”

Pregnant with her first child, she will apply for a third visa this year for her mother, in the hope of having her by her side during childbirth.

Lena Marjak (edited by JA)

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