the story of an interview you won’t read

“You will not read an interview with Adèle Van Reeth, the new director of France Inter. We had made an appointment with the philosopher by training so that she could explain to us her intentions, her sensitivity, her ideas, at the time of taking the reins of the first radio station in France in terms of listening. But that was without counting on what plagues the media today: the “com plans”.

By welcoming our journalist, the communication department of France Inter explained to us that she wanted to reserve the scoop of Adèle Van Reeth’s remarks for a headline from the Parisian press, in the name of an exclusivity agreement, asking West France to delay publication. As this requirement seemed unacceptable to us, we decided not to carry out this interview.

For are we to conclude that, for the great national public service radio that is France Inter, the provinces come after Paris? That the readers ofWest France would be less interested than Parisians in what happens on the airInter ?

We deeply regret the choice of France Inter. However, we will not fail to continue to inform our readers of the projects of the first French radio station, which obviously deserves the attention of a large audience attached to quality radio. »

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