the suspect in the murder of an Afghan in Colmar arrested in the Paris region


The man suspected of having shot and killed an Afghan in Colmar (East), on August 14, was arrested on Tuesday, according to a press release from prosecutor Catherine Sortia-Minard.

According to the press release, the suspect in the shooting murder of Abdul Quayem Ahmadzai in Colmar, a 27-year-old Afghan was arrested in Sarcelles, north of Paris shortly after noon.

According to French media, the man had taken refuge in a hotel in the city and was therefore arrested by the police.

During a press briefing, the Colmar prosecutor explained that the suspect had been placed in police custody and will be heard tomorrow by the judicial police.

“The investigating judge will determine the action to be taken after this police custody, which should last in principle 48 hours”, added the prosecutor, who specified that the second person sought has “not yet been arrested”.

As a reminder, on August 14, this 27-year-old man was killed following an altercation with a scooter driver whom he asked to make less noise with his scooter because he was on the phone.

While the latter had initially left the scene, he later returned with several of his friends before shooting the victim. Hit in the chest, the man had succumbed to his injuries.

The suspect had then fled and the French media had indicated that the victim had asked the suspect to stop his rodeo while the Minister of the Interior announced at the time several police operations against “these wild rodeos”.

But subsequently, the mayor of the city as well as the prosecutor had ruled out any link with a rodeo.

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