Thiais: they demand a visa for the father of Mélissa, 13, hospitalized in serious condition

I was hospitalized and I know what it’s like to not have your parents with you. It’s scary. It should be normal to let her see her father, especially since he has taken all the steps to be in order“, laments a classmate of Mélissa in a megaphone. This Tuesday noon, several students came to show their support for their friend while from the gate of the Paul Klee college, their comrades took up the slogans.

Already last year, we had mobilized because the mother had received an obligation to leave the territory. The State then believed that Algeria could treat Mélissa and send her to school. However, there is neither the equivalent in care, nor in terms of educational support there. They finally heard reason. But this summer, following a major operation, Mélissa suffered a stroke and is now in intensive care at Garches hospital. The father, who works in Algeria, applied for a visa to come and visit him because Mélissa is morally very affected. He was refused. We ask the French administration to take this particular situation into account and claim humanity for this family.”explains Catherine Binaux, coordinator of the college’s ULIS, these units which allow students with disabilities to continue their education.

The girl suffers from a degenerative disease that causes the appearance of tumors. Depending on their location, they must be surgically removed and it was during an operation of this type this summer at the Necker hospital in Paris that Mélissa suffered a stroke. In intensive care, the schoolgirl in fourth grade is conscious but her state of health has deteriorated since she suffers from paralysis. “His mother lives in Villeneuve-le-Roi where she takes care of another child. She got this Ulis class here. Mélissa is very well integrated into this establishment. Teachers sent him postcards. It’s unfortunate to have to come together a second time for this family“, laments Brunissende Desordons, representative of the local FCPE.

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Victim of a Paris-Algiers diplomatic showdown?

“We ask the French authorities to show humanity”, pleads Pablo Krasnopolsky, spokesperson for the collective Réseau éducation sans frontières (RESF) in Val-de-Marne, for whom this Kafkaesque situation results from the government’s policy of limiting visas issued to Algerian nationals. “They put pressure on the French consulate in Algiers to maintain the ban on issuance. However, it is not easy to drink to bring in a father for his sick child, it seems that for Gérald Darmanin, it is. I am hopeful that the indignation raised by this situation will put pressure on the authorities”hopes the activist.

This Tuesday, several elected officials came to lend their support, like the PCF departmental councilor, Fatiha Aggoune, LFI deputy Rachel Kéké and even PCF senator Laurence Cohen. The elected officials intend to solicit the French consulate in Algiers to request a review of the situation.

In addition, RESF will organize a new rally on October 5 at 3 p.m. in front of the Val-de-Marn prefecture to protest against the lack of counters dedicated to the processing of residence rights, “the factory of new undocumented migrants with untraceable appointments and refused renewals“, motivates the head of RESF 94.

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