This new update from the giant Meta (Facebook) which will greatly increase the adoption of NFTs!

Lately, you will no doubt have noticed the different social networks are increasingly adopting NFTs. Whether Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and soon Whatsapp, these different companies are gradually integrating non-fungible tokens.

This is great news for adoption of NFTs by the general publicbecause apart from the speculative aspect, they make it possible to create strong communities, events as with the Azuki projectmeetings, projects such as anime with the Everai project and many other things.

As the market becomes more and more mature on this subject, Meta continues the adoption of NFTs with a new update on its main social network, Facebook.

What is this new update of Meta on its Facebook social network?

It is now possible for some creators to display their different NFTs on their Facebook profile. For the moment, this option is only valid in the United States, to see when it arrives in Europe! These different selected creators will also be able to connect their wallet to Facebook profiles to transform their NFT collection into a publication on their own wall.

We’re launching NFTs on Facebook! Excited to share what I’ve been working on with the world.

This seems normal on Facebook, but we are witnessing an integration there, and a full adoption by giant Meta on its main social network. Also, we remember Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement last May on the integration of NFTs on Instagram, several blockchains as well as several wallets are compatible with the latter. But what are they?

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What are the different compatible digital wallets on Instagram?

here is list of potentially compatible wallets on the social network:

  • Rainbow
  • MetaMask
  • Trust Wallet
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • dapper
  • phantom

Finally, Luna Market CEO Billy Huang said, “’Meta doing NFTs is a way to control the narrative around free digital asset technology. NFTs built into their platform will likely be built with the intention of vendor lock-in, which is dangerous for a free digital space in general.”

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