UEFA Index – France dangerously overtaken by the Netherlands!

In recent weeks, the preliminary rounds and first legs of the Champions League play-offs, as well as the Europa League and the Europa League Conference have been played with several French clubs concerned. The results were rather disappointing, while clubs from the Netherlands were more convincing. In particular, PSV Eindhoven eliminated AS Monaco from the Champions League last week. While Nice lost in the first leg of the Europa League Conference against Maccabi Tel-Aviv on Thursday. And in the UEFA index (classification which is used in particular to allocate the qualifying places to the different countries each season), France is beginning to be endangered by the Netherlands.

The UEFA index by country (over the last 5 seasons, including the current one).

France is therefore for the moment still at its rather “classic” 5th in the UEFA index, essential for the number of places in the various European competitions. Except that it is far from certain for the future. The Netherlands are recovering. It’s time for French clubs to do better to avoid an unpleasant descent.

Especially since the 2 previous seasons are to the advantage of the Dutch. With a bad year, France would be overwhelmed next year. This while the Champions League reform is coming in 2024. Be careful also in Portugal, which is not very far. Let’s hope that the sequel will be more pleasing, with in particular the highly anticipated PSG.

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