Why were Algerians with a valid Visa expelled from Turkey?

A community of Algerians are wondering about the reason for the restriction which does not allow them to go to Turkey, when they do have a visa. Once at the Air Algérie check-in counter, travelers are unable to board and must turn back.

Explanations have been put forward, but they do not seem convincing, because reservations were made normally with agencies attached to the company. The latter are also supposed to be fully informed of the situation before confirming the reservations.

It has been nearly a month since the refoulement took place, provoking the indignation of Algerian travellers.

The explanations of the regional director of Air Algérie

A memo has been posted at airports indicating that the date on the visa application form should be taken into account when staying in Turkey. The maximum period granted being 180 days, if these conditions are not met, the visa may no longer be valid.

According to Nadir Abed, the regional director of Air Algérie, the commercial agencies would not be informed of these provisions and continue to sell the plane tickets as usual. It was only when the controversy escalated that the company has given instructions to the agencies concerning the instructions of the Turkish authorities, to be transmitted when taking reservations.

No one wants to take responsibility for the consequences of refoulement

The airline Air Algérie claims that it is not up to it to inform customers, but rather to the consular services which issue residence permits and visas. She adds that this does not only concern Algerians.

Without giving further explanation, the Turkish embassy just spoke briefly asking passengers to renew their visas at the Gateway.

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