WWE back in Quebec this weekend

Coming back to wrestle at home always has something symbolic for the wrestler from Laval. Survivor Series en 1997 avec Bret Hart. Il était mon héros à l’époque.”,”text”:”Le premier show que j’ai vu dans ma vie, c’était au Centre Bell, quand j’avais 13 ans pour Survivor Series en 1997 avec Bret Hart. Il était mon héros à l’époque.”}}”>The first show I’ve seen in my life was at the Bell Center when I was 13 to Survivor Series in 1997 with Bret Hart. He was my hero back then.

He admits that every time he returns to the biggest arenas in Quebec, especially in Montreal, he always thinks of the path he has traveled since. Even though he is now an international star, he has fond memories of when he took to the road every weekend to fight in Montreal, Quebec or Valleyfield.

El Generico in action at NSPW in 2011.

Photo: Cynthia Bouchard

It was at this time that he solidified his friendship with Kevin Owens, also a wrestler at WWE. It’s hard to talk about my early career without talking about Kevin too because we did all that together. At the time, Zayn was wrestling as El Generico and his sidekick still went by his birth name, Kevin Steen.

Climbing the ladder, together

The Quebec public saw the two friends evolve at the Center Horizon in the Limoilou district of Quebec and at the bar Les Foufounes Electriques in Montreal. It was together that they climbed the ladder of the major leagues. While their career was already well established in 2021, the duo from Quebec was featured in the main event of Wrestlemania, the biggest gala of the year of the WWE.

Kevin Owens

Wrestler Kevin Owens.

Photo: Radio-Canada

The following year, at Wrestlemania 38 in the spring of 2022, Kevin Owens faced Stone Cold Steve Austin, his childhood hero. Sami Zayn was no exception. I had a fight against Johnny Knoxville who was a big star when we were young too.

It was hard to understand that this was our reality now. »

A quote from Samy Zayn, wrestler of the WWE

Sami Zayn believes that the success of the two Quebecers can inspire young wrestlers who wish to make a career out of it. If you’re a 13 or 14 year old and you dream of doing this, at least you can see that I did it and Kevin did it, then it’s possible.

Social responsibility

Five years ago, the wrestler launched Sami For Syriaa fundraising campaign that helps thousands of people in his parents’ country of origin.

Two medical clinics that provide services to the population affected by the war in Syria have been established with the money raised so far. His notoriety allowed him to set up this project. I don’t think it would be possible without the WWEindicates the one whose baptismal name is Rami Sebei.

For Sami Zayn, the platform offered by his popularity is important, but he regularly wonders about the place that his social involvement should take.

entertainer pour aider les gens à oublier les problèmes du monde. Je pense qu’on a une certaine responsabilité sociale pour aider si on peut.”,”text”:”Je sens que c’est ma responsabilité de parler, mais en même temps, mon rôle c’est d’être un entertainer pour aider les gens à oublier les problèmes du monde. Je pense qu’on a une certaine responsabilité sociale pour aider si on peut.”}}”>I feel it is my responsibility to speak, but at the same time my role is to be a entertainer to help people forget the problems of the world. I think we have a certain social responsibility to help if we can.

Evolution of WWE

Shockwaves shook the wrestling world in July when the president and CEO of the WWEVince McMahon, has announced his retirement following allegations of sexual misconduct reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The news surprised Sami Zayn. I never thought I would see the day when Vince McMahon would no longer be the director of the creative side.

McMahon has been replaced by former wrestler Triple H. Sami Zayn welcomes his arrival as creative director. I think Triple H is very smart and he’s going to make good decisions.

It is still early to see major changes in the artistic direction, but the Laval resident believes that many talents will now have the opportunity to show what they can do. I was looking RAW [émission de la WWE diffusée les lundis soirs] last week and there was a lot more struggle.

This Friday, August 19, Smackdown will be presented live from the Bell Center in Montreal. Quebec City viewers will be treated to a non-televised evening at the Videotron Center, a first since 2014.

I’m really looking forward to this showthe. The last time we went to Quebec, the crowd was really stupid.

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